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Ascending Hearts Healing


About Ascending Hearts Healing

This practice feels like it’s coming from the depths of my heart, being, and is carrying a flame of deep purpose and alignment.

It’s about 10 years in the making, throughout all of the hardships and incredible expansions along the way, a wisdom has blossomed that is here to be shared.

Life is a beautiful classroom and we are here to grow and learn. Although the journey can be solo, we have each other here to support.

I allow this practice to be of support to those who are drawn to it, for those looking for encouragement, healing, growth, and expansion.

About Rachel

My Passion:

I deeply desire to heal, expand, and ascend into greater awareness. I love to unlock myself layer by layer, discovering the truth of who I am and experiencing the rewards that come with that. But my passion more than this, is to simply have fun with the moment – “to be” – and this becomes easier and easier as I unlock myself more and more.

My Story:

I lived my life as super sensitive, the majority of the time not understanding what and why I was experiencing certain things. I had many traumas along the way and I blocked off a lot of who I was and got lost in certain idols. I was simply looking for fulfillment and my wholeness. This seeking eventually led me into healthier choices and I met some badass teachers that were examples to remind me of who I truly am. I developed a direct connection with my divinity, a voice so strong inside where it now guides my every choice, and a feeling of being much more connected to existence than ever before.

My Gifts:

  • Sensitivity – ability to feel subtle energies, knowing when something is “off” and when something is aligned and in harmony with a greater truth
  • Multi-dimensional awareness – ability to tune into other spaces & times to access information
  • Compassionate – ability to empathize, relate, and understand many topics across the board
  • Heart access – understanding of the power and depths of the heart as the in-between for realities

Fun Facts:

  • I love board games – you will find my goofiest and most free self when I am in the midst of a competitive multiplayer board game; I also love digital games
  • My favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake or strawberry cake (but must be made with real strawberries and also be pink colored!)
  • I have climbed a snowy mountain in Peru, ridden a camel in Egypt, lived with a family in Sevilla, Spain, and had the most magical cave moments in Teotihuacan, Mexico
  • My favorite moments in time were being outside as a kid, jumping on the trampoline, playing “PIG”, and making up all sorts of games