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Ascending Hearts Healing

Custom Sessions

Introduction to Sessions

Through faith we arrive into a new level of being.


Depending on what’s aligned, we may work with 1 or more of the following modalities:

  • Healing Modalities (shadow work, command work, imagination & play, clear & reset, integration, commitment & practices, forgiveness work, heart journeying, reframing, and more)
  • Massage Therapy (assisting the body to let go of physical & energetic stress) 
  • Circuit Work (assisting the body to clear & reconnect the quantum circuitry in and around the body)
  • Body Activations (assisting the body to reconnect to its divine template) 
  • TANTRA (interfacing with the infinite and assisting the body to integrate what it’s ready for)
  • Oracle Card Readings – playing with cards to open up the door for new potentials, opportunities, and creation.

72-hours Sobriety 

In scheduling a session you are committing to 100% sobriety within a 72-hour window of each session. This includes the following substances: Alcohol, tobacco/nicotine, weed/marijuana, cbd (potency lower than 0.09% is permissible), molly/mdma, lsd, magic mushrooms/psilocybin, salvia, heroin/opium, ayahuasca/dmt, cocaine/methamphetamines, and any other illegal drug or substance. 



Rates may vary based on the energy exchange required.


Wed-Fri: 12pm-7pm

A minimum 24-hour notice is required for appointment scheduling.


7515 Greenville Ave
Suite 401
Dallas, TX 75231


Call or email to schedule a session or fill out & submit the Contact Form.


Payment Plan

If you are unable to pay for a session up front, you can request a Payment Plan in which a session can be balanced over time for an agreed upon monthly minimum amount. You can request a payment plan anytime before the session start.